Thursday, November 21, 2019

Marketing a consumer organization Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marketing a consumer organization - Essay Example It began as an effort to help eleven Japanese-American children they had found wandering the streets of Japan as outcasts and orphans, victims of their bi-racial makeup, a cultural taboo. After successfully relocating these orphans, word spread and before they knew it they were instrumental in helping over one hundred such orphans find new homes and new lives. Between 1960 and 1964 they were directly involved in founding nine orphanages, a school as well as a hospital in both Japan and Vietnam. In 1974-75 the organization assisted thousands of orphans that were rescued during "Operation Baby Lift" and brought to the United States for adoption. In 1976 the organization changed its name to "Childrens Village USA." Then in 1978 the organization created a center called The Village of Childhelp West in Beaumont, California and officially became known as Childhelp (Childhelp 2007). The focus of the agency from that time is captured in its Mission Statement: "Childhelp ® exists to meet the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of abused, neglected and at-risk children. We focus our efforts on advocacy, prevention, treatment, and community outreach" (Childhelp 2007). They have several regional locations in Arizona, Atlanta, California, Michigan, North Carolina, San Diego, Tennessee, Virginia and the Washington DC Area. However their outreach and information and assistance programs transcend the traditional boundaries. Furthermore, their web site allows them to assist people in all parts of the world. Additionally, the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline (1-800-4-A-CHILD) which began in 1982 has received over two million calls since its inception: These calls come from children at risk for abuse, distressed parents seeking crisis intervention and concerned individuals who suspect that child abuse may be occurring. The Hotline is also a valuable resource for those who are mandated by law to report suspected abuse, such as school personnel,

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