Friday, February 7, 2020

Walden pond Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Walden pond - Essay Example s concentration is on the benefits of early awakening and natural experience at the time when the rest of the inhabitants of the village were in deep slumber. Thoreau utilizes the metaphor of awakening to refer to the variances that exist in him and those in town (Thoreau 145). As the piece suggests, the awakening is evidently in symbolism in the day and yearly seasons. The largest consciousness occurs during the morning extending to the spring. Thoreau associations of his experiences to spiritual awakening are evident throughout the story (Thoreau 147). He defies the earlier notions of men in town that certain requirements of the body such as food and shelter are significant to one’s life. His arguments for defying the natural necessities, as were the notions of men relate to nature. He states that the sunrays in some environments are sufficient to provide the desired warmth (Thoreau 147). His notion of riches in men is they are responsible for the decay of man in terms of spirituality. In his daily tasks, Thoreau relates his experience of life to nature. He depicts the ability of man to live in the middle of the usual world when he utilizes a greater segment of his life in the forest. The flora and fauna provide sufficient support and acceptance (Thoreau

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